Careless Spending Sours Savings

Do You do any of the following?

  • Buy Starbucks every day
  • Eat out for lunch instead of making lunch
  • Smoking or daily alcohol drinks
  • Shop for latest fashions
  • Live from paycheck to paycheck
  • Gamble or buy lottery tickets
  • Pay late or minimum credit card debt
  • Buy apps or video games on impulse

According to reports, careless spending happens to anyone who does not keep track of their expenses. Many millionaires end up in debt because of careless spending.

expense tracker software

You need to track your expenses to prevent careless spending and debt.

The ExpenseTracker can Rescue You

The ExpenseTracker is THE BEST Cash Tracking software in the WORLD! It can rescue you from careless spending and help you get on the right path towards financial stability and success.

We are so confident that you will be Impressed with the Convenience and Ease of use of the ExpenseTracker that we offer a FREE 30 day Trial.

No credit card required for the 30 day FREE Trial. Simply enter your email address to try it out.
The ExpenseTracker will help you with:

  • Reveal bad spending habits
  • Set spending Priorities
  • Meet Your Savings Goals
  • Combat careless spending
  • Catch bills you forgot about
  • Have a better relationship with your spouse

expense tracker for cell phone

Use with Any Smart Phone or Computer

The ExpenseTracker is designed to help you easily track your spending on any smart phone. You can use an Android phone or an iPhone.
Also, the ExpenseTracker works on any computer or laptop or tablet. Enter data using your smart phone and your spouse can see the data on their computer.

Easy to Track Expenses:

  1. Enter data
  2. Tap/Click on "Add Exp"

The Expense Tracker is working hard for you.

expense tracker for desktop computer

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expense tracking software free trial

FREE 30 day Trial: No Credit Card Required

Use Any Computer

Video: How to Add/Track an Expense

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Track Your Spending Easily Across Various Devices

expense tracking software
expense tracking software
expense tracking software
expense tracking software
expense tracking software


The Expense Tracker easily displays on your cell phone and/or desktop computer and/or tablet. Works on Desktop computers for Windows, Mac, or Linux and works on cell phones such as Android, iPhone, or Windows cell phone. And works on Android tablet or iPad.

In Sync

The Expense Tracker software stays in Sync regardless of what device you use.
For example, when you add an expense using your cell phone, the added expense will also display on your desktop computer or on your tablet.

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Quality Software with Precision Performance!

amortization schedule software

Reward yourself with knowing where the money you earned is going.

Knowing exactly how much money is being spent on various categories will help you gain control of your finances and plan ahead for future expenditures.

However, seeing exactly where the money is going by using different devices can normally be difficult or not even possible.

The "Expense Tracker" was created for the purpose of quickly and easily showing how much money is being spent in real time across various devices.

Benefits include:

  • Add and/or Edit Expenses in Real Time
  • Re-occurring Expenses Auto-Reminder
  • Search past or current Expenses
  • Add or Edit Re-occurring Expenses
  • Add or Edit Expense Categories
  • Category Averages over time
  • Sort Expenses by Amount, Name, Date or Category
  • Share Account with Family members or Friends
  • And More!...

Tutorial Videos

Make your family finances Happier!

expense tracking software expense tracking software expense tracking software
Financial advisors recommend that if you keep track of your expenses then you are more likely to save towards your goals!

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